Dear Mr. Blonde

You said I was yours and you were mine, that we would be together until the end of time.

But who knew you lied the whole time, that you were hiding behind enemy lines,

Trying to find a little peace of mind but instead, you found a piece of ass

With no class. A lady is a tramp if she jumps in bed that fast.

But what’s past is passed, we both know it won’t last.

You’ll be crawling back to me, saying baby please, baby, please. Kiss my feet. Get down on your knees so I can take your head with a lot more ease.

A clean cut in love and war. New boundaries are mine to explore.So fuck you and your whore.


Dedicated to the first person I allowed to break my heart: Mr. Blonde.



1 thought on “Dear Mr. Blonde

  1. Brandon J.Ramirez March 10, 2018 — 6:03 am

    That was amazing and so are you!


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