The Invisible Woman

We were all sitting by a fire pit.  The company was light-hearted and sociable.

Our laughter and energy seemed to feed the flames.

Simultaneously our spirits were soothed by its warmth. I remember you arriving.

You made your entrance in an elegant maroon dress and looked quite stunning with your hair tied back.

You were the kind of effortless charming. You didn’t wear much make-up and you didn’t need it.

Your eyes met mine. I almost felt my face sting when you glared. What had I done wrong? I realized later you were caught up in a conversation with someone else when we had exchanged glances so I tried to forget about the stare off.

The party relocated to a nightclub and I got lost dancing beside myself with rapture.

We saw each other again in the bathroom and after catching how long the line was, I remember I asked if I could join you in the front.

To my surprise, you obliged.

The night went on and I didn’t see much more of you until you sat beside me at the bar. You wanted to talk outside so we did and I got to see your marvelous curls gleaming in the light.

Your eyes looked a bit melancholy. The glossy finish to them was alluring.

You were so radiant. It astounded me someone of your beauty would ever doubt it. I wanted to kiss you and was effortlessly bewitched.

The more I learned about you, the more I admired. To hear you speak of yourself as unnoticed, I couldn’t dare imagine you as an invisible woman.

You are a muse. To be craved, adored, and cherished.



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