I’m on a roll.



I feel exhausted and I know exactly why…

I haven’t been sleeping enough… I haven’t been eating right… I haven’t been taking care of myself…

Drinking to distract … smoking cigs… It’s bad.

I have not been treating my body like the temple that it is.

Ironically, I excel at making sure other people are well taken care of.

Truthfully, I have loved customer service since the day I started almost ten years ago.

I love taking care of others especially my family and friends.

However when it comes to taking care of myself, I can’t seem to get it right.

Maybe it’s easier for me to take care of someone or something else. It gives me this indescribable rush when I see someone who needs something and I’m able to help them out.

  • Giving my time and attention to others
  • Letting people know that they matter
  • Telling people that they are truly loved
  • Sharing my appreciation for their existence

I remember someone once told me,

“I am so glad I get to be alive next to you.”

It was one of the most sincere remarks anyone has ever shared with me.

They didn’t ask me for anything. They didn’t expect anything. There was no hidden agenda. No deception. Just gratitude.

They were thankful for the simple fact that they got to be around me. In this way, they saw me. They appreciated who I was and that gave me life.

I only wish I could do that for myself.

In therapy they say you should treat yourself like you’d treat your best friend and in doing so you might find that you are bit kinder to yourself.

I guess it’s time to disappear for a while and spend some time with my best friend in the mirror.

I am looking forward to making some changes in my lifestyle.

Part of me hopes by sharing this with the world, even if its a random blog that I have some sort of accountability for it.

Even if no one ever reads this or really cares, I know that I do.

I know that I am making a commitment to myself. I am taking baby steps but I feel strong.

Not even an army or league of my exes could stop my momentum.

I am starting to realize the power of true love for another being is overcome by the power of self respect (Thanks Scott Pilgrim) and I am on a roll.

1 thought on “I’m on a roll.

  1. Take everyday one step at a time and everything else will follow. We all at one point fall of the horse and don’t want to get back on, but there will always be friends and family there to support you in times good or bad.


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