Your Diamond

I was standing by the register when a gentlemen walked into the gift shop. My heart stopped not because of what he looked like or what he said but it was the scent on his clothes. I recognized it instantly. It’s strange because you were never fond of cologne nor consistent in the brand you used. But I remember when we’d do laundry, your clothes had a strong aroma. Perhaps from the dryer sheets? I’m not sure but it always stayed on you. It was your signature. It was a familiar aroma. One that for years was my comfort. I could never forget it. Now that it was walking right past me,  I couldn’t help but breathe deeper and try to capture more of it.

My mood shifted as a million memories played through my head. My darling. How time has gotten the best of us… Leave it to the universe to send down some rain. You loved rainy days. They were your favorite and they’d become mine too. Days where we’d stay in, drink hot chocolate, make love, and pretend we were the only two people in the world who had a clue. I remember we’d  do laundry and run that heater. You’d take my hand and trace both our names onto the window in your bedroom. You’d draw a heart around them; we’d bring our faces real close so that our breath could fog up the glass & our names would disappear.

I am tempted to say that love is fickle… that love is fleeting…that it disappears. The moment I sensed that familiar aroma, as much as I wanted to hold onto it, I knew it wouldn’t last. As the gentlemen made his purchase, I smiled, wishing him a beautiful day. He thanked me and as I watched the rain come down heavier, and heavier I realized that after everything, the love you give is the love you keep.

It passes through us and shows up in all sorts of ways. It’s in the way I smile, in the way I cry, in the way that I laugh and even though you aren’t here anymore-you are and love is … alive.

Thank you for that.


Your Diamond


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