June Gloom

June is one of my favorite months. It’s the halfway point of the year & my birthday month. I love the gloom that it starts with and the sunshine of summertime that it ends with. Today was particularly cloudy. I like it when it’s overcast like that because it feels like the perfect time to hit up a coffee shop and get to writing. This evening I decided to treat myself to dinner and I found a restaurant with some good coffee. When I am in the mood to write, it’s important to find the right place where I know the service will be warm and friendly. Sometimes the food isn’t as good there but that’s okay. I like the way the servers treat me and that’s what matters most. I like being treated like a person rather than just a number. Some days I need that. Some days I just want to be seen. I don’t necessarily want to talk or engage but I wanna feel like I’m being treated like a human being.


4 thoughts on “June Gloom

  1. Happy almost birthday. You are validated… as a human being; if you like to be identified as an alien then I come in piece ✌🏾. You and I know what it means making someone feel like that. Also don’t drink too much coffee cuz it tends to make you run if you know what I mean 😝 love you very much 💕


    1. Love you Sam. Thank you for the validation! I know exactly what you mean lol 😭 will do

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  2. June baby? Fancy! Wishing you a lot of love and happiness from the ones that matter to you the most.

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