Sweet Nothings

5193ce42665cc60391d42587621bdff4.jpgI lay quietly across the edge of your bed staring off into nothingness. You embrace me with your entire body like a giant spoon. You place your hand on my leg and work your way to my waist. I notice you play with my belt loops and with the other hand, you caress my cheek. I can feel the heat from your chest radiating on my back and it soothes me, You breathe deeply right behind my ear and the warmth travels down the nape of my neck all the way down to my tippy toes. I shutter a little and get goosebumps all over my body. As soon as you notice, you wrap your arms around me like a blanket. I can feel your heartbeat. I close my eyes tightly and wait for you to say something. Anything. But you don’t. You tighten your hold and then release. Moving your hands up from my waist, you lift up my shirt and trace your way up to my breasts. I tilt my head back and arch into you. Alas, you whisper those sweet nothings into my ear. I have missed you, you say. I close my eyes. This is perpetual bliss.

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