A Day in the Life


Keep the glasses on and cover up. Don’t bring attention to yourself and shut up. I almost forgot the last tidbit. Don’t wear a skirt. If you do, you asked for it. Any slutty outfit is a downright permit. I remember that night I wore all black. His hand made its way to my lower back. In silence I resisted but to my dismay he persisted. It didn’t matter that I snapped, he still grabbed and grabbed. I’m not meant to be probed. I never asked to be groped or felt up. Now when I think of being touched, I just wanna throw up.You don’t know what it feels like until it happens to you. It’s not something you can ever undo. It’s  a day in the life. It’s not carefree and light. It’s not of fun in the sun but the conditions of the modern woman.



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