Thoughts I had while on my period

  • What’s the likelihood of getting caught if I kill someone?
  • What if I make it look like an accident?
  • Is CVS still open?
  • I want ice cream
  • Is whipped cream high in calories?
  • Should I buy these shoes online?
  • I want to be cuddled
  • Why is everyone so annoying?!
  • My stomach hurts!
  • Everything sucks
  • I rather be pregnant than deal with this cramping
  • I definitely don’t want to be pregnant
  • Pregnancy is probably 100% worse
  • Kids are annoying
  • People are petty
  • I hate everyone
  • I love dogs
  • Why is my dog ignoring me?
  • Why is love so hard?
  • I want to ice cream
  • don’t want to go work
  • Will a shower make me feel better?
  • Can I fall asleep in the tub?
  • Maybe I should watch a rom com
  • Bad idea, rom coms give false expectations
  • Everything sucks

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