All My Heroes

VRz%w8fCRseq+DwWKi+SrQI know it’s been years since we’ve acknowledged the space between you and I. You’ve been busy on the East Coast getting colder and colder while I’ve been beaching it on the West Coast getting softer and sober. During the time we’ve spent apart a lot has happened. I dabbled in drugs, got too high, lost in love, and fell into addiction. I lost myself, got out of addiction, and then found myself again. I battled depression, ridiculous living situations, horrible anxiety and in the end I came out of it alive. So much has happened since I’ve seen you that it would be impossible to catch you up on every detail. What I can tell you is that I never knew how strong a person could be until I was forced to be that person. I used to think you were the strongest of all. I used to think that you were one of the “untouchables.” I used to think that nothing could break your concentration; that nothing could shake your focus. You were truly a visionary until one day something happened, something terrifying that shattered my reality. You dropped the ball and to my dismay you weren’t  indestructible. You were just like everyone else. The moment I took you off that pedestal, I realized you’d been just as human as me all along. It’s scary when you realize all your heroes get tired.

1 thought on “All My Heroes

  1. I love the last part. Not because of the tragedy but shatter of reality. It forces us to become more of what tend to settle ourselves, such as being our own heroes. What makes a hero is the life experiences they go through and keep on fighting. What causes the downfall of a hero is that not all battles are won. It’s a war with living and dying, I can understand such fear can raise such self awareness.

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